Collection: Andy Morreale

An exploration in color, texture and strange satire.

July 7th 2023 

VibrantCast Gallery
4313 North Lincoln Ave., Chicago IL 60618

Andy was born, raised, and lives in Chicago. If asked to describe his work in one word, he would respond with, “Amalgam”. The old-timey term is defined as a mixture or blend. For Andy, it’s the melding of intangible ideas with tangible materials. He uses wood, fabric, metals, dust, rust, paints, epoxies, paper, industrial castoffs, and musical instruments to create both two and three dimensional works of art.

Andy is influenced by the randomness and chaos of dreams, the visceral, physical effect of music, as well as mythology and storytelling. Essentially, he likes to amuse himself by acknowledging the dark side and then poking fun at it.