Collection: Robin Langer

I have been creating art since 1980 beginning with cooking and gift design. Then I moved into welding and stone carving in 2008- sprinkled with some drawing and painting classes. Working with pastel is a fairly new adventure for me where I began to focus more intensely beginning 2019. I LOVE water- to be in, on or around it makes me happy. I love nature, movement and I like to evoke and awaken the senses of the viewer. We all bring our own stories to what we perceive when looking at art. I hope to bring a sense of joy and wonder when people look at my work. I have eight pieces in my rocks series currently and will create more as the spirit moves me. I am very excited about my new series that Im currently working on...Which came first-the chicken or the egg? I am constantly being challenged as I co- parent my seventeen year old daughter- Our relationship has influenced this body of work. Three of six pieces will be ready in a few weeks and I think the experience is more powerful when these three are viewed together. If you are interested, I will be happy to share them with you once they are framed. Thank you for the possible opportunity to have my work be seen and experienced live and in person.