Collection: Vandana Jain

I am Vandana Jain, a professional Expressive Realist Artist ( genre - abstract expressionism and realism), primarily creating mixed-media and oil paintings aiming to capture vibrant celebration of nature's beauty and diversity. With a passion for capturing the vivid essence of life, my paintings depict a wide array of subjects, from majestic leopards to blooming flowers, all rendered in strikingly colorful paintings. What sets my art apart is the dynamic interplay of realism and abstract textures, inviting the audience to savor the present moment and the euphoria of existence. Inspired by my living and travels in India and across Africa, as well as the natural wonders closer to home in the United States, my work reflects the joy and wonder I felt encountering diverse wildlife and landscapes. Through my art, I aim to share this joy with others, encouraging them to appreciate the vibrant tapestry of life that surrounds us