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Audrey Green



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Many bird species use migration as a way to adapt and survive, so for the resilience in nature prompt I've painted flying cranes in the process of their seasonal migration. Some birds go on these long, abundance-seeking journeys twice a year, which is pretty amazing given the risks and challenges involved. One of the main reasons they migrate is because their current habitat isn't working for them-- their environment is getting too cold, there's not enough food, there aren't enough places to nest. We humans, on the other hand, can get really good at acclimating to situations that may not be working for us; we assume we don't have the power to make a change, or we aren't willing to take on risk by leaving behind what's familiar. But I made this piece, "Migration," to celebrate the fact that we do also have the ability to embrace change, seek new opportunities, and thrive. On a personal note, my partner and I are making a small migration of our own to spend a month in California this winter, our way of shaking up life's usual patterns and trying new surroundings.

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