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Robin Langer

Rocks # 5

Rocks # 5

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Rocks are enduring the power of nature- crashing waves, tumbling one upon the other, bumping, displacing and still remaining solid throughout the storm, and the heat of the sun- they freeze in the icy waters, thaw, and still they remain beautiful- even more so, for with time, they age, and soften and show cracks and crevices that reveal tiny crystals that have a story of their own- an entire world to wonder about. I like to observe one rock in relationship to the other- how is it alike, or in contrast? Similar to humans- like me-I feel like I have been through many storms after losing both parents, a sister and raising a teenage girl. I have endured these life experiences and have come out being stronger, more resilient, with softer edges, and many interesting cracks and crevices! I often wonder how much can one endure- and to wonder is to flourish, expand and grow!

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